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This little module (for now) will help developers perform their daily tasks when writing code. It contains also bug fixes encountered, we didn't bother to open bugs directly to Microsoft since we could fix then ourselves.
  • How to install
    • You can install the module by importing the model file or by the project xpo, with the latter you need to also import the label file available for download.
  • How to use
    • customization tag: You can use this tag in the code editor when you make a customization. There are two types of format (so far) that you configure in the Tools>Options menu, under the Development tabpage, Partner section. The Client implementation format, used when the partner is implementing the ERP directly into the client, this format uses the current user information as well as the current development project set in the user development settings and the Partner name field available in the new Partner section. The ISV solution format, used when the partner or ISV is creating an ISV solution, uses the Module in development field available in the Partner section for creating the customization tag.
    • bug tag: You can use this tag in the code editor when you encounter a bug. Just type bug and press the Tab key.
  • Bug fixes
    • It is possible now to export an object by email and see the object file attached in the email. Before, the file was never attached.
  • Future features
    • find tag: Even though the unit of work feature is available in Ax 2012, there is still the need of creating find methods to get buffers with specific parameters.

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